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Benefits of Regular Visits with Your Dentist

Make that appointment with our trustworthy dentist Dr. Thomas Tenney of Tenney Dental in Flower Mound, TX. Dr. Tenney can help maintain your oral health in top condition, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and good overall health.

Why You Should Regularly Visit Your Dentist

It may not be that high up on your list of things to do, but you should not neglect to visit your dentist regularly. It’s only twice a year, anyway, if you keep your oral health well-cared for. The reason is simple: your oral health affects many different areas in your overall health and well-being, from self-confidence to your overall health.

Benefits of Going to the Dentist

First of all, you are protecting your teeth from plaque, tooth decay, and other infections by going to your dentist regularly. Apart from the bacteria and plaque infesting the mouth, however, it’s the patient’s hesitation to seek proper treatment that usually makes the damage worse. Because of this, delaying a much-needed trip to the dentist also means bigger costs for treatment later on.

Here are some benefits of going to the dentist regularly.

Maintain Oral Health

Good oral health is not just about good-looking teeth; it’s also having a fresh feeling in the mouth. Even proper gum health is part of good oral health. All of these work together to keep the mouth performing well, whether it be for eating food or flashing a smile. 

Avoid Costly and Painful Treatments

There’s wisdom in the old saying that “prevention is better than cure.” Regularly going to your dentist is a kind of preventative measure, because it helps you catch any oral health problems before they get worse.

Early detection means fewer complications and easier treatment.

Watch Out for Your Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health can help you take care of your overall health as well? There have been many studies and cases wherein certain conditions in other parts of the body have been linked to oral health. 

Tooth loss, for example, has been found to be a telling symptom of osteoporosis. Gum infection, meanwhile, could be a sign of diabetes. Halitosis or bad breath, on the other hand, could be a sign of kidney disease. 

These conditions are not necessarily obvious and easy to diagnose, but the symptoms presenting as oral health problems can help your doctor make the correct diagnosis sooner. 

The benefits of regular dental visits don’t stop here. Your trusted dentist in Flower Mound, TX, Dr. Thomas Tenney of Tenney Dental can help you maintain your smile. Set an appointment to take care of your oral health. Call (469) 830-7525 today.

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