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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Share Your Wants

When crafting your new smile, thorough communication between you and our dental team is crucial. We ask for you to provide as much detail as possible during the first consultation — from pictures of smiles you like or your old smile to a detailed list of changes you’d like to see in your current smile.
Dentists are trained to look at smiles in terms of facial balance. While you may notice just one part of a smile, our dentists will analyze every element and how it blends into the face as a whole.

Make A Plan

Using the information provided during the initial consultation, Tenney Dental creates a comprehensive plan that targets every insecurity. In order to determine the cause behind an issue and not simply the outward appearance, we take a look at your dental history to determine the best course of action. For example, discolored teeth can be caused by an underlying condition that could lessen the effectiveness of teeth whitening, so we could recommend veneers as an alternative.
No matter the current state of your smile, our array of cosmetic dentistry services will provide a clear path forward as you build your perfect smile.

Try It Out

Smile makeovers are a lifelong investment. Many of the procedures that Tenney Dental performs are irreversible, so we want our patients to feel completely comfortable in their decisions. Some of the ways patients can try on a “trial smile” include computer imaging, 3D models, or even temporary restoration procedures. While you can count on loving your smile when we’re done, we help you eliminate unknowns during the lengthy process.

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4.9 stars | 333 reviews
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